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Do I need to sign in or create an account when shopping in your online shop?

There is no need to sign in and/or create an account in our online shop. You can shop without any limitation also without signing in. The benefit of signing in and having an account is, for example, that you can keep the history of your purchases, you can be among the first to know about upcoming special campaigns, new collections we will inform our registered customers about in advance, etc. You can also cancel your account anytime once you decide to do so.

How can I order products in your online shop?

If you like our products and want to buy them, just click “Add to Cart” button which you will find on the detailed page of your chosen products. Products will then be added to your virtual shopping bag and visible at the top-right corner of your screen. You can check the details of your shopping bag (cart) at anytime, you can add or remove items from your cart as you like. Having picked all products you wish to buy, just proceed to the Checkout part. Here you need to fill your billing information and your email address (by default, your billing address will also be considered your shipping address – if you want us to ship your products to a different address, please fill in the shipping address separately at the bottom of the Checkout page). In the following step, you decide how you wish to pay for the products in your shopping cart by choosing a payment method. Please refer to the ”Payment” section of our FAQ for more details about the payment options.

Can I modify or cancel my order after it has been placed?

We dispatch your ordered products shortly after receiving the payment from you. You may decide to pay via credit/debit card or PayPal and in this case your payment is processed along with the submission of your order. If you want to cancel or modify your order, please do so as soon as possible after placing the order by contacting our Customer Services by phone and via email at info@byMilash.com. This way you can avoid unnecessary delivery costs when returning the products back to us. Please specify to our Customer Services how you want to modify/or cancel your order, and we will adjust your order accordingly. In case your payment has already been received, we will align it with your updated order balance and the outstanding amount will be refunded to you using the same way you made for your initial payment. In case your order has already been shipped to you, you will need to return the products you don’t wish to keep to us first. Please refer to the “Returns” section of our FAQ for more details.

What exactly happens after I place the order? Will I receive any confirmation that the order went through or an invoice?

Shortly after you place the order in our online shop, you will receive an email to the email address you provided during the Checkout. This email is a confirmation of your order containing the order number. In case you don’t receive the confirmation email, please contact our Customer Services at info@byMilash.com. While your payment is being processed (if you decided to pay via credit/debit card or PayPal during the checkout phase) or expected to be credited to us via your bank transfer, we are preparing your ordered products and packaging them for the shipment. Following the receipt of your payment, we ship the products to you within maximum of 1-2 days. We send you an email informing you that your package has been sent to you, including its tracking number so you can track your package if you would like to at DHL Parcel Tracking page or Slovak Post Tracking page (we will inform you via email which courier was selected to deliver to your country to make the delivery fast but still cost efficient for you). We enclose our invoice and receipt confirming your payment.

Do you use cookies on your website?

Yes we use cookies on our website to improve our services and our customers’ experience. Cookies and related analytical tools allow us to better evaluate and target the information we provide to you. Our goal is to deliver the best value of our products and services. You can customize the cookies usage based on your preferences in the settings of your internet browser.

Can I use a voucher or gift certificate in your online shop?

Yes, we have customized gift certificates for you! Please refer to Milash Products section below for more details to find out.

I’m a retailer and would like to sell your products in my shop. What are the terms of cooperation?

We are developing and expanding our retailer base continuously and we are excited to arrive in new destinations. Please fill out and send the Retailer Form to us. You can find the Retailer Form here to tell us about your business and introduce yourself. We will review your information and reach you soon to discuss the potential cooperation.


Are your products designated for babies only? If not, what can I use them for? What “value for money” do I get out?

No age limits and great value for money! Although most of our products are targeted at babies and kids, our standard blankets and towels have no age limits. Our customers range from mummies and their small babies, kids and teenagers to adults of all ages. Milash blanket is very universal and truly a lifelong investment – you can use Milash blanket as a playing mat for your babies or kids at home, in your office or when visiting your favorite restaurant, you can use it as a picnic blanket outside in the park or forest, take it with you to the river or to the swimming pool, roll it up and take it with you to the music festival or outdoor cinema to watch a movie in the summer, use it outside when camping with friends or in your home as a bed or sofa cover, or just keep it in the back of your car and always have it with you wherever your life journey may take you. We will proudly accompany you whenever and wherever you go! Our products’ excellent craftsmanship and the highest quality materials used will ensure the longevity of Milash products and your maximum satisfaction with them.

I like your products and want to buy them as a gift, but I am not sure which one to choose to please the person I am buying it for. Do you sell gift certificates I could buy instead?

We are happy that you like our products and will help you to find a perfect product for you and/or your friends. You can contact our Customer Services at info@byMilash.com or call us at +421 903 742333 and we will give you advice! Please visit our Customer Services page. If you are still not sure and/or think it is safer to buy a gift certificate instead, we have it ready for you! Just specify the EUR amount you wish for on the gift certificate to our Customer Services via email sent to info@byMilash.com and we will send it to you together with a unique, one-time code for your recipient to use. You can choose between electronic gift certificate sent to your email or a hardcopy certificate sent to your postal address. In order to use the gift certificate, just insert the code into the Coupon Box (Discount Box) on the Checkout page when buying in our online shop and this amount will be deducted from the total balance of your shopping cart. Partial use of a gift certificate is not supported. Therefore we recommend the payable amount of your shopping cart is always higher than the amount on your gift certificate in order to fully spend it.

Are your products safe for babies and not harmful to their health?

Yes. We pay special attention to the selection of the finest and the healthiest materials for our products as these are targeted for babies and kids mainly. We at Milash also feel that everyone should contribute to create a healthier environment, to protect and preserve it for future generations. We do our bit and pursue this philosophy via careful selection of certified 100% organic cotton fabrics and cotton wadding for our products. The only product line which is not entirely composed of organic cotton fabric is our waterproof outdoor blanket product line, which intentionally has the bottom side of the blanket (to be put on the wet ground) made of polyester fabric, to ensure it is water resistant. Still, the upper side of our waterproof blankets is produced from certified 100% organic cotton materials to make sure your babies, kids and anyone using our waterproof blankets can enjoy the best of the best. Thick wadding inside the outdoor blankets is made of 100% cotton. The inks used for printing of our Milash designer patterns are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 certified (suitable for babies and small children up to the age of 3 years). May you be interested to learn more about this topic and our organic cotton fabrics please contact us, we will be happy to share more information and answer your questions!

What is the size of your Play mat or blanket? Is it compact enough so I can put it in a bag or a stroller?

Absolutely! The size of our standard play mat or blanket is 140x100cm. The play mat and blanket are very compact, flexible and easy to use – you can pack and/or unpack it in just a few seconds. Our receiving blanket size is 100x90cm and the size of our towel is 140x80cm for baby and 160x140cm for mommy and daddy.

I liked the product which I no longer see available in your online shop. Can you produce it for me on demand or do you plan to reintroduce some of your products again?

We update our website daily and it reflects the stock status available in our warehouse in real time. If the product is no longer shown in our online shop, it means it is out of stock. For the current collection we replenish the products which are temporarily sold out on a regular basis, so watch it and grab yours before others do! We introduce new designs, products and collections several times throughout the year to replace the previous collections. Some older products and collections may still be available in our online shop in parallel but will be discontinued when sold out. We do not intend to repeat the older collections, but on special occasions we may bring back some very popular pieces to you!

Will I need to pay any additional price or FEE after ordering your products other than stated on the Checkout page when placing the order?

Milash is not charging you any additional price or fee for your order – you will only pay what is shown on the Checkout page at the moment of placing the order. This is a fully transparent process and by placing your order you agree with the total price of your order as well as General Terms & Conditions of Milash online shop. Depending on the location where we ship your order, however, the local laws and regulations in your country may apply, i.e. additional fees for imported goods (custom fees), which are defined on each country’s level and outside of Milash control and responsibility. These regulations and fees may also change regularly. Please note that if your package goes through a custom process in your country, it may, rarely but still, slightly postpone the final delivery of your package. To avoid any surprises, we recommend that you conduct your search on this topic and also contact the Customs Office in your country, so you obtain all necessary information upfront for a better understanding which regulations and fees (if any) apply in your country when buying and receiving goods from abroad.


How can I pay for my order?

We offer several payment options for your order, so you are free to choose what suits you best. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards, Dinners Club and Discover cards, and apply no fees when paying by the cards, you can also pay via PayPal or may decide to choose a direct bank transfer from your bank account to Milash international bank account (in IBAN form): SK5311000000002940019595.

What is the currency of your online shop?

Our online shop currency is Euro (EUR).

How do you treat my personal data shared with you in your online shop? Is the payment in your online shop secure?

We treat our customers’ personal data with the utmost care and confidence and we respect the privacy of our customers. Customer data will be stored and used only by Milash, s.r.o. for the purposes of the online shop bymilash.com and not shared with 3rd parties for any marketing purposes. The particular necessary customer data is only shared for the purpose of enabling online payments (card processing company for our online shop, PayPal, our bank) and data privacy follows the rules defined in the General Terms & Conditions which will be acknowledged and accepted before making the order by the customer. The link to General Terms & Conditions can be found in the footer of our website, which is visible and accessible from every page throughout our website. Our website is also using an SSL certificate (making our website https, instead of just http), which provides additional advanced security on our website for our customers’ transactions.


How can I find out the cost of delivery and how long does it take?

The delivery cost is visible on the Checkout page and is automatically added to your shopping cart as a separate line for your selected product, based on the weight of the packaged product and the shipping destination. We ship all packages from Bratislava, Slovakia in Europe. We do not ship on holidays or non-working days in Slovakia (Saturday, Sunday). The information on the estimated delivery time for your specific country can be found in the General Terms & Conditions.

Which countries do you ship your products to?

We ship worldwide!

How will I know my products have already been shipped and are on the way?

We will notify you via email sent to your email address provided during the checkout process informing you once your package is shipped to you. The email will also include the tracking number and your invoice and the receipt.

Can I track my package?

You will receive the tracking number for your package as part of the “Delivery information email” sent to your email address, once your products are shipped to you. You can track your package at DHL Parcel Tracking page or Slovak Post Tracking page (we will inform you via email which courier was selected to deliver to your country to make the delivery fast but still cost efficient for you). Please contact our Customer Services at info@byMilash.com if you need more information or assistance (e.g. you don’t see your package in the delivery process – we will help to sort it out for you!).

Can you ship my package to a different location if I want to pick it up elsewhere? If so, where can I specify the new delivery address?

During the checkout process you fill in your “Billing address”. This address is by default considered also your shipping address by our online shop (so there is no need to fill a shipping address separately) and your package will be shipped to this address. We will email the invoice and the receipt to your email address provided here. But if you want us to send you the package to a different address than the billing address, please fill in this address separately as a “Shipping address” and we will ship your package to this address.

I have received an incomplete package, some items ordered are missing, what can I do?

Please contact our Customer Services via email at info@byMilash.com without delay and we will sort it out for you. In your email please include your order number, items from the order, total price and telephone contact information. We will investigate the issue immediately and reach you shortly to inform you and agree on the resolution. We will ship the missing products to you without delay and, of course, free of charge.

I have ordered a product from your online shop but received a wrong product, what can I do?

Please contact our Customer Services via email at info@byMilash.com without delay and we will sort it out for you. In your email please include your order number and the original product which should have been shipped to you so we confirm the information in the system, and your telephone contact. Please return the unused product in its original packaging and with all labels to our contact address. The costs will be borne by Milash. We will ship your original product to you without delay.

Can I send your product as a gift directly to the recipient?

Yes, absolutely. You just need to specify a “Shipping address” during the checkout process. The invoice and the receipt will not be sent to this shipping address (a recipient of the gift) but will be sent to your email address specified under “Billing address”, as the main contact for the communication and sending notifications (e.g. sending a Delivery information email).

We believe our products are a perfect gift for your loved ones and friends and help you celebrate special moments together. Therefore, if you like, you can attach and send your own wishes and greetings to the recipient of your gift. You can do so by using one of our Milash postcards prepared especially for this purpose. Send us the words you want us to handwrite on your postcard at the bottom of the Checkout page (in the Other Notes section). This customized postcard with your wishes will be then included in your package.


Please check our Returns Policy for more details as well as General Terms & Conditions.