I’m a Milash blanket.

Baby room

I like kids and am happy when we are scrambling and playing together.
When we get tired, we snuggle in the crib or just lie down on the grass and relax.

I am always thriving having a picnic outside with my family and friends …

Picnic in the park

… and summer-sunbathing on the beach.

That is what I love!

I was born in Slovakia, a country of beautiful nature and mountains, where I often go
hiking and camping.

I like culture and having fun. I go to music festivals and am always happy meeting with my Milash siblings and relatives there.

Family is the key!

Camping and festival

There are always many babies and kids in our favorite restaurant just around the corner. We play games together in our kids’ place while mummies and daddies are enjoying their fantastic coffee and cake.

Yeah, we love this place and they know us and our little ones by name here!

Explore the world

I am very universal and I cannot wait for the moment when we can live through all this together.
So roll me up, carry me around and let’s hit the road!